“Blind and Toothless” MLK

One of the most quoted and equally controversial leaders of this past century was Martin Luther King Jr. His initials, MLK are as recognizable as FDR and JFK. The title of the blog is taken from his quote, “If we require an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth we will be a blind and toothless nation.” There are scores of his quotes I could have chosen. I chose this one just to get your attention. There is no question that many have attempted since his untimely death to piggyback on his message and influence who have not been cut from the same cloth. Rivers that flow from pristine headwaters are often polluted by tributaries that flow into downstream.

I’ve read many of his quotes over the years as I have with so many others and found that you can distill his message down to one thing…..a positive and peaceful attitude. You may not agree with his activism, but you would be hard pressed to fault his attitude toward life and the brotherhood of all men. Speaking of attitude, I read a story about him during his college days that embodies the importance of attitude. Dr. King had a job shoveling out stables during the day and went to college in the evening. If you have ever been around a stable you know that the stench of the animals gets in your clothing. Martin always had time to shower before going to class but on one occasion he had to go to class straight from his work. When he entered the class and took his seat a lady sitting next to him said “Martin you smell like a mule.” Without hesitation he responded, “I may smell like a mule but I don’t think like one.” The politics of today has the pungent smell of powermongers. The religious systems reek of relativism and manipulation. The media is constantly belching on us that the whole world stinks. Like Dr. King, the smell may get on us but their attitude doesn’t have to.



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