There is some debate over the origin of this quote. Many believe it is derived from the Talmud even though it seems many contemporary figures have taken credit for it. At any rate, the question is ever before us when it comes to the expedient. You may admire achievers who have a resume of impressive accomplishments, but that does not mean they have more aptitude than you. They just had the attitude, “Lets get it done!” We all know people who have massive potential that do nothing with it out of indifference.

Chances are if you can clearly see what should be done or could be done, then you are the one for the task. Whatever “it” is, it has been developing along the same time line as you. Convergence is taking place. Don’t assume that someone more qualified should do it. Don’t play the “someday” card. Pardon the tired old pun but “someday is not a day of the week.” It has been said that “procrastination is hands down our favorite form of self-sabotage and opportunity’s natural assassin.”



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